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Toyin Adekale is an established singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and author, born in London to West African parents. Her passion for storytelling through music led to her first book of inspirational short stories, “I Do, Do You?”. Toyin traveled the world sharing her music with dignitaries and royalty, sharing her stories in songs, and now inspired to extend motivational stories for children as well as adults, in this her first children’s book, “The Crystal City” and “Money Loves Me”.

The pandemic inspired her best selling book to date, “My Mind Wide Open – Surviving Mental Lockdown.”

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Our mind is constantly in conversation, or observation. It never stops functioning, which can be overwhelming. Oftentimes your mind is just vacant and waiting to be fed. If you don’t do this on purpose it can run wild. You can pick a topic, pick a page and go straight to it. No need to read from the beginning.


When a little girl dreams of a City for Kings and Queens, who will go with her? If her friends believe in her dreams in the beginning, will they be able to cope with the tough road ahead? Will they get to the good times in the end? What’s lurking in the wilderness on her journey? Will she be left alone or worse still, will she give up on her dream?


I Do,Do You?” is a fictional book that takes you on the challenging journeys of 4 individuals. As they come across life’s hurdles, of cancer, bereavement, peer pressure, street life, unemployment and economic crisis, they have to face reality and make some choices. You may know someone in this book, or it may be you. This is a must read. And for those ´skip the beginning´ readers who want to solve the mystery quickly, this is for you. They are short, bite size stories that will keep you fixed from beginning to end. “I Do, Do You?” will also inspire and encourage you to look at life differently. It ́s about choices.


Money goes on an adventure with Mona and her twins, Loanie and Lendie, but Money is sad because Mona never notices them and it’s all Bills’ fault. Money decides they’re going to find Bills and give them a piece of their mind for causing this family and others so much problems. What will happen when they catch up with Bills? Will Lendie ever get what he wants? Can Loanie get into deeper trouble with Yen? Or will Cashick and Idya try to save Loanie from embarrassment at school. Go on this adventure and see what Money can do for them and you.

Great message and truly inspiring! Just like the Author

Toyin never cease to amaze me and as this book goes on to say, if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. This short-story is very uplifting and just what ‘everyone’ needs right now. Living in these crazy times can be extremely hard on the heart, body and soul. I finally found the time to sit down and read it this morning and I’m so glad I did. This story has filled me with happiness and joy and put a smile on my heart.
Erik M Anderson

The determination of one girl to fulfill her dreams is an inspiration to all children.

This is an interesting story for children, given the present climate in the world, Tali’s determination to reach the Crystal City and fulfill her dreams will appeal to children of all ages. It’s a book that parents will enjoy and children will like and relate to.
Marie, F

Amazing little book

I loved the book. I read to my granddaughter and she loves it as well.. I love the animated story and I hope it becomes a film as well .. thanks for the beautiful book 
Christopher Waller


This is a great chapter book for kids. The illustrations were inviting and I loved the author’s writing style! The best part was the message of never quitting even when all odds seems to be against you, which can be used in so many life scenarios

Kayla Spears

Self Perseverance with a touch of determination

I read your new release and it is a very insightful, inspiring and meaningful story for children to understand that sometimes in life they have to be forceful in their thoughts and trust the process. Tali was an epitome of a believer in self perseverance, despite her friends desperate measures to curtail the trip to the “Crystal City” …..NEVER GIVE UP as Winston Churchill quoted that made headlines years ago is a great book of inspiration for children.
Alicia, C

Bed Time Story Plus

A short story of discovery and reflection as seen through the lens of a young child in their quest and desires to live a different life. It should spark a conversation with your young ones or even yourself, as we are all on a journey.